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5/29/14: The dangers of delicious dynamite

4/17/14: Instant beer: The birth of a notion

4/13/14: The wound-healing ape and the hydrotherapy pig

4/3/14: How much does the Air Force annoy livestock?

3/27/14: The giant Peruvian’s hat

3/20/14: Trading typhoid with your towels

3/6/14: Novel Mode of Capturing a Heron

2/27/14: The Rouen Institute for Human Enlargement: a dream unfulfilled

2/22/14: Further studies on wallaby tendon

2/20/14: Nurse, please pass the 27-gauge wallaby tendon.

2/13/14: Dapanophobia: “morbid penuriousness”

2/6/14: The diseased, skeptical (spinning?) eyes of Tasmania

1/30/14: The high-carb milky lifestyle of Inuit infants

1/23/14: Case report: Big guy dies

1/16/14: The Nose, Cold Feet, “Tobacco” Heart, and Convallaria Majalis

1/12/14: The man who drank enough beer to drown 275 men

1/9/14: Medical advice for girls: Step away from the keyboard.

1/8/14: Broke a bone skiing? Get a skiagraph.