So, that would be a 1-star review, then.

by Mike

From George A. Denison (1936), Epidemiology and symptomatology of Staphylococcus food poisoning: A report of recent outbreaks, Am. J. Public Health 26(12): 1168-1175:


Denison, the Director of Laboratories for the Jefferson County (Alabama) Board of Health, describes an outbreak of food poisoning associated with Birmingham’s worst bakery, and explains that this is not surprising since budget cuts forced by the Depression have put a stop to most if not all food inspections. He then describes the culturing of cream puff extracts, and their uncomfortable effects on five volunteers.

This represents one of the few times the words “filthy”, “revolting”, “repugnant”, and “obnoxious” have appeared in a single paragraph of an objective piece of scientific investigation.